One of the questions that we are often asked is whether Mr Charles can help manage the School Uniform shop. The answer is Yes, of course, we can help! So, what is this concept of having Mr Charles run your uniform shop?

Exclusive Online Store

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the recent years, especially in light of the recent pandemic where many uniform shops are offering online ordering services to reduce the need for parents to enter the school grounds due to COVID restrictions. This is where Mr. Charles can come in; we help you set up a customised and exclusive online store specifically for your school.

Warehousing Your Stock

Mr Charles can warehouse your uniforms for orders of 250 garments or more. We provide a stockholding service for up to 12 months from the time of your order. We start with supplying your school with a customised and extensive uniform solution, working with you to determine product offerings, designs, and pricing. When you place your order, we can hold your garments in our stock warehouse to save you space in a physical storefront. We also have the facilities to stock additional items such as socks, hats and school bags.

Point of Purchase

When it comes to retailing your uniforms, no one understands your needs and product range better than us. So it only makes sense to put us to work in your school uniform Design & shop, maximising our extensive knowledge and customer service readily available and in place. Your point of purchase and retail solution is tailored to your needs, and we show you how you can minimise costs and supply disruptions.

Parents can shop from the comfort of their own home, anytime 24/7, completing the purchase and payment online to save on the costs of staffing to run your uniform shop onsite. Our customised system can be linked directly to your school’s website and provide a portal for the school community to browse and make purchases in a secure and convenient way.

 We can also assist with:

  • Setting up systems for sale and stock management
  • offering job opportunities within the school community
  • organising second-hand uniform sales
  • Pop-up store for the back to school fittings

If you wish to keep your uniform shop on site, this can also be maintained in conjunction with the Online Shop. Alternatively, we can help you manage online sales only. We provide flexibility in our outsourcing options so that you save time and reduce costs.

Let Mr Charles show you how easy it can be to set up and run your Uniform Shop for your school.

Contact us today on: 1800 810 182 or visit us online for more information.