Did you know? In addition to supplying an extensive range of high-quality school wear, Mr Charles also offers an outsourcing option for your school uniform shop! We provide a tailored solution that can operate in conjunction with your existing uniform shop on campus, or we can manage the online component depending on your needs.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should let Mr Charles help you with your online uniform shop:


Running a uniform shop requires staff and volunteers. An online option can reduce the need for extra hands, decrease costs and avoid retail price increases.


Mr Charles can warehouse your uniforms and additional items such as socks, hats and school bags. We fulfil online orders from our warehouse, and our stock management system is tailored to your school’s purchasing trends to help you determine order frequencies, offerings and pricing.


We help you set up an exclusive online store with a customised point of sale system linked directly to your school’s website. The system is synchronised with stock management so that you won’t have to worry about unexpected supply disruptions. You can make payments securely online too.


We provide an outstanding retail solution with customer service as a priority. Our professional team can assist parents with their purchases and enquiries, whether sizing requirements or garment care.


Mr Charles is committed to giving back to the school community and the environment. We can employ staff from your school community where preferable. We’d love to work with you to provide a uniform solution that is efficient and financially beneficial. We realise that every school is different. That’s why we listen to your needs before customising a program to suit you.


We make it easy for you, and our flexibility allows us to help you set up your outsourced uniform shop in simple steps, organising all aspects from the start. This includes:

  • Meeting with you to determine product offerings, designs and pricing
  • Manufacture your uniform orders, ensuring the highest quality and consistency
  • Keeping your stock safely in our warehouse or deliver to your onsite shop
  • Develop your tailored Sales and Stock Management systems
  • Set up your Exclusive Online Shop with a portal from your school’s website
  • Provide management, employment and support of your onsite staff
  • Provide a professional retail service with customer service as a priority

Mr Charles is a dedicated and recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality school uniforms since 1974. It is our personalised service and attention to detail that sets us apart. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to service your needs and make life easy for you, your school and your school community.

Why not get in touch to discuss the outsourcing of your uniform shop with us today. You can keep your costs low, offer better prices for parents, as well as freeing up the time and space of your shop on campus.