Are you looking at designing the perfect sports uniform, or want a stylish sports uniform design, or is it time to refresh the look of your sports team at your school? The sports uniform is a key representation of your team, and creating the right outfit can enhance team reputation, performance and spirit. Here are some ideas to help you get started:


As a starting point, your uniform design should be based on the comfort of the players. This ensures that your sports team can perform at their optimal standards. Consider the choice of materials and whether they are breathable, quick-dry, light, and not too restrictive to ensure maximum comfort and performance.


Accompanying comfort should be the quality of the materials used. A cheaper option might not necessarily mean better quality. The fabric and garment should be designed to withstand the tough demands of outdoor exposure and vigorous movement. Choosing a higher quality fabric will ensure longer lasting wear and savings over the long term.


From a simple polo shirt to a complete outfit, you will need to consider the styles required for each team. Are there multiple sports teams requiring uniforms for each type of sport, or are you looking at the same style across all groups? Would senior and junior students wear the same style, or would it be a unisex design for all students?

Colours & Lettering

The colour will most likely be derived from our school emblem or the logo of the sports team. While lighter colours are better for playing sports outdoors and in the sun, you might wish to incorporate dark colour stripes to match the colour of your school. You might also want to add team names, houses, or player positions and titles as part of the lettering on the uniform.


Do you need singlets, polo shirts, skirts, shorts, and maybe even socks, caps and team vests? What are the sizes and quantities required? How many teams and players do you have, and do you need spare sets for substitute players, wear and tear, and replacement due to loss and misplacement?

Design Service

If you need an extra hand in coming up with a design or fresh ideas, you can enlist the help of a professional designer from your uniform supplier. Here at Mr Charles, we can custom design your range of sports uniforms tailored to the needs of your sports team or school. Our extensive school uniforms include custom sports tracksuits and matching polos, team outfits and sublimated sportswear. We can also provide sports socks, caps and accessories to match your style.

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