Your uniform is a symbol of your school, it is what forms the first impressions and should be worn with pride by your students. Therefore, you should choose your uniform supplier carefully to ensure that your school is always presented with the best front.

You may be faced with a wide selection of school uniform manufacturers, both locally and offshore, so why should you choose Mr Charles for your uniform needs?

Reputation and reliability

Mr Charles was first established in 1972 and has been providing comprehensive uniform solutions to local Australian schools since. We have grown to become Australia’s leading schoolwear supplier, and well-respected as a dedicated, trustworthy, and recognised manufacturer for our quality uniforms. We provide a one-stop shop from planning award-winning designs to complete finished products.

Customer Service

Our above and beyond customer service is what sets us apart. We believe in attention to detail and delivering personalised service to suit the needs of each school. While other suppliers may limit your choices, Mr Charles provides you with a fully tailored package in an extensive range of products and additional services, including:

  • Formal and Sports uniforms
  • Accessories such as Backpacks, hats, caps, blazers, socks
  • Onsite warehousing and storage services
  • Helping you manage your On-campus retail shop
  • Setting up an exclusive online uniform shop portal

Superior Product Quality

At Mr Charles, we strive for the highest standards at all times, from the materials, fabrics, production, to the final garment. We ensure that you will be satisfied with the quality of the uniforms with a guarantee on the assembly of garments, colour fastness, and all haberdashery with a 14-day repair, replacement, or credit policy.

Furthermore, being a local business, we understand the tough demands of the Australian schoolyard environment. Our uniforms are made to last giving you complete peace of mind so that your students can wear them with pride.


We believe in preserving the environment for future generations and are committed to being part of the sustainability movement by providing eco-fabrics that are made from recycled plastics such as plastic bottles. Eco-fabrics are comfortable to wear and can withstand the demands of the school environment just as well as regular fabrics. Recycled fabrics are more sustainable without the need to be derived from petroleum and fossil fuels. Wastage is also minimised in the production process, further reducing carbon footprint.

Mr Charles can help you plan, design, and deliver a complete, new uniform package, or supply a better value-for-money alternative to existing items at your school. Our reliable and professional team is always available to provide a prompt response to your enquiries.

Get in touch to see how Mr Charles can help today!