Making the world a better place is a global team effort. Here at Mr Charles, we are contributing towards a sustainable future by offering an environmentally friendly range of sustainable uniforms made from 100% recycled plastics such as drinking bottles.

Saving Plastic Bottles from Pollution

Every day, millions of plastic bottles are being discarded around the world, damaging and polluting our already heavily burdened planet. However, instead of being a waste, these plastic bottles can be a viable and reusable resource by making them into high-quality fabrics and textiles.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Recycled fabrics are an innovative alternative that is safe, comfortable to wear, and eco-friendly. The manufacturing process is also more sustainable than that of producing traditional products. Using recycled plastics for fabrics instead of regular polyester can further help the environment; saving Energy by 70%, Co2 reduced by 75% and it even uses 86% less Water – a valuable natural resource in today’s world.

Getting Your School Involved

While promoting recycling and setting up waste bins to collect recyclable waste is a good start in the school environment, you can further educate the new generation by designing and producing your uniforms made from these recycled eco-friendly fabrics.

Through the process of recycling plastics into school uniforms which students will be wearing daily, they are reminded of the importance of caring for the environment. Your school can be part of the solution in overcoming the problem of waste and demonstrating responsibility in reducing carbon footprint, contributing to sustainability, and conserving natural resources.

Join Our Campaign Today

We aim to remove 1 million bottles per year from our landfills and oceans by providing uniforms made from these sustainable eco-friendly fabrics. You can join our campaign to save the environment by getting in touch with our team. Mr Charles offers a full range of uniform products to suit your school needs, from shirts and blouses to sportswear and jackets, as well as accessories such as school hats, ties, socks and school bags. We also provide a custom design service, warehousing, and can even help you set up an exclusive online uniform shop with a secure payment portal for your school.

Contact our friendly team of school uniform specialists to discuss your sustainable school uniform package today!