The impact of the pandemic since its onset two years ago has been felt by businesses all around the world and across many industries. The effects of lockdowns and travel restrictions have caused a wide range of issues from shortages to shipping delays. Even the everyday consumer would have experienced and would remember the empty toilet paper shelves in the supermarket.

So how should you go about planning for your school uniform orders during such uncertain times? While many manufacturers and suppliers are trying their best to fulfill their orders, buyers can also plan and adjust from the consumer end. We’re all in this together.

Currently, the uniform supply industry is experiencing delays with fabrics and products. Factories all over the world have been dealing with lockdowns which halted production and manufacturing. While Mr Charles has also been impacted, we ask for your patience and understanding while we work hard to fill your orders.

Realistic Timelines

At Mr Charles, we understand that no one likes to be kept waiting. We will endeavour to have your order ready for dispatch if stock is available by the same or next business day. However, please be aware that shipping and production delays may occur due to fabric shortages and our factory location in Vietnam. Please plan ahead for a realistic timeline of delivery, we’re always on hand to discuss and plan your order with you.

Transparent Communication

During the pandemic, we strive to remain transparent in all our communications and keep you up to date with our stock and product statuses. If possible, we can help you come up with alternative designs, fabrics or materials and support your school as best we can during any unexpected delays.

Online Uniform Shop

Restrictions and lockdowns mean more people have taken to online shopping. You can create an online uniform shop for your school by partnering with Mr Charles to provide the convenience that parents need. You can link this to your school website and offer a fast, secure, and safe way for your school community to shop.

We appreciate all your support during a challenging time like this. As we work through this pandemic together, we look forward to providing you with the best quality uniform products. Looking for a custom design service or accessories such as school bags? Mr Charles has you covered. We provide a range of school wear including:

  • High School Uniform Designs
  • Private School Uniforms
  • Uniform Polo Shirts
  • Girls School Uniforms with blouses, skirts, or dresses

Get in touch with us for your uniform order today.