The new year is always a good time to reset, refresh, and get the wheels in motion for planning. If you’re looking into getting new uniforms for your school, what better time than now with the arrival of 2022.

Here are some considerations when it comes to planning for new uniforms.

School Type

How your school operates can have a large impact on the type of uniforms you’ll need. There is a trend towards unisex school uniforms especially for the younger grades, such as the unisex polo and shorts combination for both boys and girls. Higher grades usually require a more formal style with boys’ and girls’ day shirts and blouses, matched with dress trousers and skirts. Also, consider the climate of your location as some areas may need a summer and winter uniform.

Logo and Style

Next, you’ll need to consider your current school emblem or logo. Often schools update their uniforms due to a change in their logo. Depending on the change you might plan new uniforms around the colours and placement of the logo, or a complete redesign for a fresh, new look. If there’s no change to the logo, you can still update the style to be more in line with the modern school environment, or even update the sports uniforms to promote a new team. A uniform update also encourages a sense of positivity and a ‘fresh start’ for your students.

External Input

What are the reasons to plan a new uniform? Was it because of a new logo as mentioned above, or do you want an image update of your school? It might be best to include input from staff, teachers, parents, and members of the community for feedback and what the new uniform aims to achieve. Perhaps there are issues with the current uniform, such as comfort and type of materials used that need to be addressed and improved with the new designs.

Sourcing a Supplier

Finally, when you have your new uniform planned and ready to go, it’s time to source a supplier who can manufacture and supply your items. Be mindful of selecting a supplier that is reliable, reputable, and provides you with quality products with professional service. While there may be a range of seemingly more ‘affordable’ manufacturers offshore, you can come across a range of issues relating to shipping, sizing, and quality of the final product.

Why Choose Mr Charles

Mr Charles is a trusted local uniform suppliers that has been providing comprehensive uniform solutions to Australian schools and educational institutions since 1972. From uniform polo shirts to full school uniform design services, we are the one-stop shop in supplying you with quality uniforms of the highest standards.

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