The uniform of your school forms an integral part of the school’s identity and reputation. It only makes sense that a suitable supplier is engaged to provide your school with uniforms of the highest quality, which also encourages correct uniform appearance in line with the school policy.

Choosing a suitable supplier 

Why choose a local supplier when many offshore manufacturers can provide seemingly more competitive pricing and turnaround? Let’s have a look at the benefits of working with a local supplier for your school uniform needs:

Direct Communication

Working with someone local means you can have thorough, in-depth face-to-face discussions about your exact needs. Miscommunication can occur when dealing with offshore manufacturers operating in a different time zone, or you may encounter language barriers. Having your uniforms designed and made to exact specifications is crucial, especially when they form the first impression people have of your school.

Fabric & Sizing

While you might have your designs down to a pat, it can still vary greatly depending on the fabric used and sizing requirements when the uniform is made. Different regions have different sizing guides, and this can cause issues with order placements. Fabric quality can also play a large part in durability, shrinkage, and comfort. A local supplier will allow you to examine the fabric and quality in the earlier stages to make adjustments before production.

Uniform Shop 

A local supplier is not only conveniently located nearby, but it can also help you manage your uniform sales. Many local uniform suppliers can provide a uniform shop service by setting up a customised online uniform purchase portal and systems for sale and stock management, warehousing, and organising second-hand uniform sales. This also means that parents can easily make returns or replacements without hassle.

Supporting the Local Community

Best of all, what better way to support your local community than helping businesses grow and keeping everything local? With the trend of globalisation, while we are more ‘connected’ in the digital sense, nothing beats meeting local business owners and supporting each other. Your school will also benefit from demonstrating leadership in being community-focused and providing job opportunities locally.

Mr Charles is a dedicated and reputable supplier of high-quality school uniforms that suit the tough demands of the Australian schoolyard. We understand the local needs of all educational facilities, including private colleges, state schools, and independent learning institutions. We have been supplying the local community since 1974; there is no better uniform service than Mr Charles, with our utmost commitment to quality with a 14-day repair, replacement or credit guarantee to ensure your total satisfaction.

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