Planning your school’s uniform is an exciting mission. Not only does your school uniform represent your school’s identity, but it will also be worn with pride by your students. So, what should you take into account when planning your school wear?

Your school logo

If you have your school logo already designed, ensure that you have a clear and high-resolution image copy that can be used when placed on the uniform. Some schools also create a simplified version of their logo for specific uniform items.

Choice of fabric

The schoolyard is a tough environment for any garment, so choose a fabric that will withstand the roughness of school students’ daily wear. However, it is also important that the material is comfortable and suited to the climatic conditions of your area.

Style, range, and colours

Now is the exciting part. Based on the design of your logo, you can determine a set of colours for your uniform, and decide on the style and range depending on usage and gender. This includes formal uniforms for boys and girls, sports uniforms, summer and winter uniforms, as well as accessories such as jumpers, school socks, caps, and bags. There are many ways to incorporate school colours into your uniforms, such as through stipes and patterns, trimmings on collars and sleeves, or prints across the front and back.

Sizing and measurements

Looking at the age range of your school, you will need to decide on the sizing range of your uniforms. Be sure to also check that sizing and measurements are suitable to the height and build of your student population, as not all cuttings are the same. This ensures no one misses out on having a comfortable and well-fitted uniform.

Choosing a supplier

Finally, choosing a good supplier is key to success in the manufacturing of your uniforms. While there appear to be many ‘cheaper’ options offshore or online, they don’t come without limitations. Choosing a local supplier not only supports your community, but you also get to physically check the fabric and garment, discuss your needs, make adjustments promptly and offer quicker returns for parents and students.

Why choose Mr Charles

Mr Charles has been providing Australia with high-quality school uniforms and accessories since 1972. We understand the specific school needs of the Australian school environment and offer a broad product range to suit any school or education facility.

Why not maximise our extensive knowledge and customer service by engaging us to design and supply your school uniform? We provide design consultation through to manufacturing, warehousing, and even setting up your uniform shop.

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