Girls School Uniforms, Skirts & Shorts Australia

If you are searching for Girls School Uniforms in Australia, look no further than Mr Charles. We have everything you need to complete the set, including school skirts, girls school shorts, dresses, blouses and more.

Customised to create your perfect Girls Uniform design, we have a range of blouse fittings, including classic fitted, princess line with peak hem, tab tie, modesty fit and classic peter pan collar options. You can customise the school logo or crest embroidery, with additional trimming or piping on the collar and sleeves.

Blouses can be coordinated with our extensive selection of girls’ skirts, including pleated, straight, A-line or even formal girls school shorts to suit the needs of your students.

Dresses include a range of stylish tunics and classic summer dresses to suit any climate and environment, all made from high quality and durable material to withstand the harsh elements of the Australian schoolyard.

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