Environmentally Friendly Eco Fabrics

Mr Charles is working towards a sustainable future of recycling by using fabrics made from 100% recycled plastics such as drinking bottles.

Our aim is to remove 1 million bottles from our oceans and landfill by making your uniforms with these sustainable fabrics.

That means you can now have your uniform made from plastic bottles which have been recycled from our oceans and landfill, re-purposed into fabrics and then made into your custom school uniforms.

Join our campaign to save 1 million bottles per year from our environment and you’ll be saving marine life, protecting our oceans for future sustainability, and showing great leadership in your community.

Contact us to day to find out how we can make this happen and to get best sustainable uniforms.

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Use recycled fabrics

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Create an online Uniform Shop for your school

uniform shop on screen

By partnering with Mr Charles, you can create an exclusive online uniform shop for your school or college. Linked to your school website, the online system is a fast, secure and convenient way for your school community to shop.

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Uniform Repair

Repair, reuse, recycle

Uniform Repair

Mr Charles’ repair service ensures means you can pro-long the life of your uniforms.
Talk to us about your repair needs.


Do you have any old uniforms that are beyond repair?
We have relationships with other organisations that can take your garments and recycle them.

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