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Available in all our size ranges


Sports uniform design shirts a shaped collar line with contrast trim and unique panel design makes this sports garment and great choice for many sports

Huge range of colours to mix and match

Extra strong stitch construction to handle the riggors of the sports field

Comfortable breathable fabric with UPF 40+ for protection against the suns harmful rays. Get your comfortable sports uniform design shirts.

Are you looking for a Sports Uniform design to suit your school or sports team?

Our sports shirts come with a stylishly-shaped collar lined with contrast trimming and matching sleeves and a unique panel design that can be customised, with your choice of colours to suit your school emblem, schoolhouse, team logo, or activity theme.

Rest assured that the reinforced stitching provides extra support and is designed to handle the rigours of fast-paced, intensive, and rough sporting activities on the field. Available in all our sizing ranges, the sports shirt can be tailored to different age groups. It can be applied as a standard sports unisex uniform or as a standalone team uniform.

The material is a comfortable and breathable fabric treated with UPF 40+ sun protection, ideal for protecting team players from the harsh Australian outdoor sun and harmful UV rays.

With a wide range of colours to mix and match, this sports garment is a great choice to make your sports team stand out and boost team morale in any sporting activity or event.


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